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Milgo/Bufkin Launches Milgo Design Store

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Milgo/Bufkin is thrilled to announce the launch of our innovative on-line web store: the Milgo Design Store (www.milgodesignstore.com). The store will feature a wide array of spectacularly beautiful, yet utilitarian metal objects created by application of newly formulated mathematical principles.

The Milgo Design Store
Leading researchers have recently created revolutionary computational and algorithmic approaches to design from genomic and coding methods that allow forms to self-generate into an infinite variety of astounding shapes and patterns.

Distinctly Original Designs
The Milgo Design Store will open with stunning creations by Haresh Lalvani, Ph.D., admired worldwide for his architectural, morphological, structural and design innovations. The designs will be fabricated by Milgo/Bufkin, renowned for generations for its meticulous craftsmanship of fine metal products made to exacting specifications. We will be adding exciting new masterpieces of other prominent artists and designers shortly.

Please Visit Our Store Today

Browse among our fabulous home wares, magnificent table top gifts and unique furniture. Make sure to check back frequently as we continue to add new offerings to set the standard for high-quality original design products.

Written by Anson

December 15, 2009 at 3:00 pm

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