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Integral Blinds Becoming More Popular

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Integral blinds are venetian blinds which are fitted in the cavity of the double glazed unit between the glass panes, because they are fitted between the panes of glass they are fully sealed inside the unit , so can never collect dust like normal venetian blinds and therefore never require cleaning.

Offering the same usual protection of the heat and glare of the sun which we all know apart from making a room unbearably hot  can also discolour soft furnishings. The blinds are available in white ,cream ,brown and silver and are operated by hand or a cord mechanism, they are ideal for french doors, bifolding doors and conservatories.

Integral Blinds

One of the most popular uses for Integral Blinds is for hospital rooms.  Among the leading manufacturers is Unicel Architectural, whose VisionControl product is making its way into the American market.

Read the Unicel VisionControl Medical Brochure

As these products are becoming more popular, watch for additional manufacturers to break into this market!  Eureka can help you find the right integral blind solution for your needs.

Written by Anson

March 15, 2010 at 9:00 am

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