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Glass Performance Comparisons

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Glass fulfils many functions in addition to its traditional daylighting role – it has thermal, mechanical and protective properties. The nature and performance of glass in buildings varies depending on its composition.

Some of the leading flat/float glass manufacturers in North America include:

  • AFG Industries
  • Guardian
  • Pilkington
  • PPG Industries
  • Schott
  • Viracon

Most manufacturers carry similar products, and all offer comparison charts to help determine the slight differences in performance of various products.

View Pilkington’s Complete guide to performance data for single glass applications and double glass applications.

Check out PPG’s Glass Configurator, where you can view every PPG glass product both by aesthetic and by performance so you are better able to select the best glass for your next project; or try PPG’s Glass Performance Calculator, where you can analyze the performance of PPG’s glazings on a variety of PPG glass types and thicknesses.

See the Guardian SunGuard Performance Comparison Table… or use their online Performance Comparison Tool to find the Guardian product for your needs!

Try the OldCastle Glass GlasSelect® software, where you can customize a glass product, review standard performance data, or enter performance criteria to find the best suited products!

Visit JE Berkowitz’ online Performance Charts!


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