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Daylighting interior spaces for LEED credits

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Whether illuminating an office building, arts center, or educational facility, a fine method of control is needed to keep light levels balanced throughout the day and through different weather conditions.  This can include a lighting system, sunshades, window shades, and interior windows. 

The first essential step in daylighting is to design a building with maximum access to natural light through the use of open-air design, incorporating atriums, skylights, and windows to draw sunlight into workplaces. The second is to balance artificial light with sunlight to create optimal mood and functionality in the space.

When it comes to glass partitions, Eureka can help find the optimum solution for your needs!

Standard Monolithic Tempered Glazing

  Butt Glazed PartitionPhoto represents clear tempered glass partition installed by Eureka at Knoll showroom This is one of the most common applications.  Glass can be set in top and bottom aluminum channels, with either open air or siliconed vertical butt joints.  Depending on the size of the opening, different thicknesses of glass are recommended to minimize deflection. 

Sandblasted or Filmed Glazing

  Glass Partition with Stripes of FilmPhoto represents clear tempered glass partition and entrance with film stripes  installed by Eureka at a Center City office This application is also among the most common applications.  Glass can be sandblasted or filmed with clear borders, patterns, logos, and text.  Clients can provide their own graphic files for sandblasting or filming.  When specifying, be sure to provide any special requirements including which face of glass receives film, what type of film is to be applied, font and size of any text or graphics.

Decorative Glazing

  Nathan Allan Glass Wall

Fry Reglet Graph SystemPhotos represent specialty glass partitions installed by Eureka at Commerce Bank University

Whether it’s cast glass, or an acrylic resin panel, the aethetic options are limitless!  Decorative glazing can also be set in standard channels or frames, as well as with cable and standoff systems.  Among some of the manufacturer’s Eureka has worked with over the years are:

  • 3-Form
  • Architectural Glass Art
  • Bendheim
  • Fry Reglet
  • Goldray
  • Livinglass
  • Nathan Allan
  • Skyline Design

Glass Stand Off

Recent trends also include:

Vision-60 (Fire-rated) System™

  Vision 60 Fire-rated Glazing SystemPhoto compliments of Interedge Technologies Imagine an entire fire rated wall free of vertical frames, where each glass panel is butt against the next. Truly free and open vision is now possible for your fire rated projects! Introducing the first U.S. 60-minute, fire-rated, butt-glazed transparent wall-the Vision-60 System™. This system offers you what you have wanted for years-the ability to have a rated, continuously glazed transparent wall, uninterrupted by intermediate framing-without compromising the beauty and elegance of your vision. Learn more about this product on its web page.

Translucent Linear Channel Glass System
      from Technical Glass Products/Pilkington

  Translucent Linear Channel Glass SystemPhoto compliments of Technical Glass Products The Pilkington Profilit™ translucent linear channel glass system consists of unique, self-supporting cast glass channels and an extruded metal perimeter frame. The end result is a wall that obscures vision but allows light to pass through. Pilkington Profilit can be used in interior or exterior applications. The “U-shaped” channels can be installed either vertically or horizontally.  Learn more about this system on its web page.

Written by Anson

May 10, 2010 at 12:53 pm

Eureka shares its Civic Pride

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Eureka is proud to announce having shared its Civic Pride by contributing to the upgrades at the Finish Line Judge’s Station/Viewing Booth along Kelly Drive just in time for Philadelphia to host the 2010 Dad Vail Regatta.

“The city also committed to invest $300,000 to improve the finish-line stands and build a world-class finish-line tower,” Hanna said. “They’re right on schedule.”

“New windows in the finish line pavilion not only look better but also improve the ventilation for judges, who used to swelter inside.”

Among the scope of work, Eureka is proud to have replaced existing single hung non-thermal windows with a thermally broken storefront system and projection windows, bronze laminated insulated glass units, and a new entry to the viewing stand.


Judges' Station before renovations

Judges' Station before renovations


Judge's Station after renovations

Judge's Station after renovations

Read more about the Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta  and the Regatta’s decision to stay in Philadelphia in this article at the Philadelphia InquirerRead the opening day coverage at the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The 2010 event takes place May 7 & May 8 along the Schuylkill River.  Learn more about the Regatta at its website, http://www.dadvail.org

Written by Anson

May 5, 2010 at 12:00 pm

Making a statement with reclaimed materials

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Sometimes, going green can be about getting the newest technology, whether it’s high-performance electrical equipment or rapidly renewable materials. But sometimes, in the case of the guys in this article from last month’s Grid magazine, going green is about finding reusable gems from what would otherwise be waste. Follow the link to see how easy it is to make a splash with reclaimed materials.


Courtesy of Grid Magazine, dedicated to making Philly a sustainable place for the future.

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April 1, 2010 at 3:55 pm

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Laminated Glass- A Safety Product

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Basic laminated glass can meet safety standards, similar to tempered glass applications.

Laminated Glass can also serve as a safety product.

Laminated Glass can also serve as a safety product.

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September 2, 2009 at 10:02 am

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